U2Baby Tech SPEC

U2Baby have done a massive amount of work behind the scenes to ensure your show goes without a hitch.  Whether you are a festival with short changeover times between bands, or a venue with limited crew, the U2Baby setup ensures it is very straightforward to get an accurate U2 sound.

U2Baby tour with their own sound engineer running a Yamaha QL5 digital desk and Rio Stagebox. This makes soundchecks quick and simple. If it is not possible to use our sound engineer we send you direct outputs from our system. With no monitoring to worry about you can focus on the FoH sound.  U2Baby will handle the rest.

"It was a real pleasure to mix these guys. Using their stand alone system for in ear monitoring, they sent me 10 channels + drums to mix. With no monitoring send needed, FoH was a real pleasure to mix. The technology used by U2Baby made my job real simple. Their hard work and technical know how made for an easy and proficient mix! Well done guys! It was a perfect formula - keep it up!!"
Brendan McGreal, CornishUnderGround

In addition, all of the effects processing for guitars and lead vocals has been done in advance. These are sent on separate channels so you can adjust appropriately for the venue.  Vocals and guitar effects are all pre-configured to suit the songs.

Maximum effect, minimum fuss...  that's what U2Baby deliver.