U2Baby Standard Terms & Conditions

U2Baby Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions go alongside our rider which will be supplied on an event by event basis.

Band Billing: U2Baby
Band Personnel Provided: 4 band plus 1 sound engineer (5 people), or 4 by arrangement if sound engineering provided
Terms: 50% non-refundable deposit payable upon signing of contract by bank transfer in GBP
Balance: to be transferred by bank transfer 3 days before performance

The BAND shall be given headline billing in all advertising and publicity, unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to confirmation of the engagement.

Provision of Back line Equipment

Please note that the BAND are able to provide most of the backline equipment pre-configured.  If this is required it will be transported to the venue with the cost of transportation and insurance fully borne by the CLIENT (either agreed as part of our FEE or as a separate charge). We are able to get quotes for this on request and this may, or may not, be cheaper than providing the equipment locally. The CLIENT can make the decision on whether to have U2Baby on a…

  • STANDALONE BASIS: where the BAND provides all backline equipment and, depending on venue facilities, the FoH system.  The BAND decides on the specification provided.
  • SHARED BASIS: Have the BAND provide some of the backline equipment and/or FoH system (itemised in writing) and CLIENT provides the remainder by agreement in writing
  • HOSTED BASIS: Have the CLIENT provide all backline equipment and FoH system (itemised in writing)

Most performances within the UK & Ireland will be provided on a STANDALONE BASIS as it is cheaper for the client to pay for transportation of the equipment than to obtain/hire it.  Most UK and Ireland quotes will include this in the total fee quoted.  Where not included it will be agreed in writing with the CLIENT. In all of the above cases, unless agreed in writing, performances outside of England will require without exception the venue or promoter to provide the itemised equipment [MUST HAVE] at no cost to the BAND, or for the CLIENT to pay for the transportation of the [MUST HAVE] equipment at no cost to the BAND.

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1 All sound, lighting and backline production packages for each gig must be approved by the BAND at least two weeks prior to the event as documented and agreed in the TECHNICAL RIDER.

1.2 Any substitutions or deletions must be approved by the BAND

1.3 We currently carry £5,000,000 of public liability insurance.  A copy of the certificate is available if required.

1.4 All band equipment is PAT tested and a copy of this certificate is available, if required.

1.5 The non-refundable 50% deposit and any other monies paid to the BAND will only be refunded to the CLIENT should the BAND cancel for reason outside of the control of the CLIENT. The BAND will use their best endeavours to find a replacement band for the contracted date.

1.6 Cancellation by CLIENT

1.6.1 WITHIN 28 DAYS OF CONTRACT: should this contract be cancelled within a period of 28 days from the issue for whatever reason whatsoever by the CLIENT,  a service charge equal to 50% of the fee due shall be payable to the BAND

1.6.2 AFTER 28 DAYS UP TO 60 DAYS BEFORE PERFORMANCE: should this contract be cancelled after 28 days and up to 60 days before performance for whatever reason whatsoever by the CLIENT, a service charge equal to 75% of the fee due shall be payable to the BAND

1.6.3 WITHIN 60 DAYS OF PERFORMANCE: should this contract be cancelled within 60 days of the function the cancellation fee shall be 100%

1.7 Complaints and Problems: Should the CLIENT have a complaint or problem before or during a performance their nominated representative must make this known to Richard Peace of the BAND.  Complaints received from any other parties will be disregarded.

1.8 Service Provision: this contract covers the supply of live music in accordance with the contractual requirements set out in this document and in accordance with the time, dates and venue details given.

1.9 The BAND will select a suitable song list.  The BAND will always decide which order the chosen songs are played. Only songs by U2 will be played unless agreed in writing at commencement of the contract.

1.10 If at any time there is any aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any member of the BAND we reserve the right to stop playing until such a time that the threat is removed. If the situation is not resolved the BAND will stop playing completely. The CLIENT will pay for any damage to any equipment owned by the BAND caused by the CLIENT or their guests through wilful acts.

1.11 The CLIENT and guests are not allowed into the designated BAND performance/stage area at any time unless pre-arranged or invited by the band.

1.12 Although we keep the same line up, sometimes it is necessary to use other performers due to illness and other unforeseen circumstances.

1.13 The BAND will endeavour to start performances at the contracted time.  If the BAND does not start at the allotted time then background music will be supplied by the CLIENT until the BAND is ready.

1.14 The BAND will play the agreed length of time even where there is a delayed start time caused by the BAND unless the client wishes us to stop earlier.  If the CLIENT asks the BAND to stop playing which has not been pre-arranged, then it is the choice of the BAND whether they continue afterwards.

1.15 Depending upon the venue the BAND will require approximately 1.5 hours to take down and remove all equipment (supplied by the band) from the venue.

1.16 Access: adequate provision must be made for access to and from the performance area during the set-up and take-down periods.  Dry access to the performance area must be made available. The BAND will not under any circumstances carry their equipment through or over muddy, frozen, saturated or dangerous slippery surfaces. 

1.17 Parking: where the BAND is transporting equipment, adequate parking facilities for one (or two) Ford Transit Custom sized vehicles (height 2.3m) must be made available to the BAND at all times.  The CLIENT will be notified if two vehicles are required. All costs incurred for BAND parking will be the responsibility of the CLIENT.

1.18 Lighting for Setup: adequate controllable lighting must be supplied to the performance area to enable setup and takedown.

2. Travel

2.1 [MUST HAVE] Transportation to be provided by the CLIENT for the BAND personnel (4 or 5 people as per contract) including their luggage unless otherwise agreed in the rider.

2.1.1 Ground Transportation from each individuals home to the nominated departure airport(s) or for the airport parking fees to be paid; where possible the BAND will share transport

2.1.2 Economy Flights from nominated departure airport(s) to the nearest arrival airport to venue

2.1.3 Ground Transportation from the arrival airport to the hotel

2.1.4 Ground Transportation to and from the venue for configuration, sound checks and performance

2.1.5 Ground Transportation from the hotel to the departure airport

2.1.6 Ground Transportation from nominated airport(s) to home (unless parking has been paid for)

2.2 [MUST HAVE] Accommodation – CLIENT to provide and pay for a minimum of 4 star full service hotel with complimentary in room internet access.  Four or Five single beds are required in any combination. Five rooms are preferred. 

2.3 [MUST HAVE] Equipment Transportation/Excess Baggage – where agreed in writing that the BAND will supply some, or all of the equipment specified, the CLIENT agrees to pay for the transportation/excess baggage costs incurred. This will be agreed in advance with the CLIENT and in writing.

2.4 [MUST HAVE] All flights and hotels must be approved by the BAND before any bookings are finalised

3. Catering

3.1 [MUST HAVE] The CLIENT should provide for all meals during the agreed Dates of Engagement as specified in the contract. This to include breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinks on all days specified in the contract.

3.2 [MUST HAVE] One member of the BAND is a vegetarian.  The remainder have no specific dietary requirements.

4. Billing and Promotional

4.1 [MUST HAVE] The BAND should be named as “U2Baby” in any programmes or promotions including but not limited to posters, programmes and stage visuals. The BAND must approve any variations in advance and in writing.

4.2 [MUST HAVE] Any publicity and marketing for this event must be sent to BAND via our agent and approved before going live or being printed

5. Insurance and Liability

5.1 [MUST HAVE] The venue or promoter agrees to provide comprehensive general liability insurance (including without limitations, coverage to protect against any and all injury to persons and property as a consequence of the installation and/or operation of the equipment and instruments provided by the venue or promoter and / or its employees, contractors and agents.  The venue / promoter further agrees to provide all risks insurance coverage for all equipment and instruments provided by the venue or promoter and / or its employees, contractors and agents against fire, vandalising, theft, riot or any other type of act or event causing harm or damage to or loss of the instruments and equipment to be provided. The agent/promoter warrants that she/he has complete and adequate public liability insurance.  The certificate will be produced on request.

5.2 [MUST HAVE] The venue or promoter hereby assumes full liability and responsibility for the payment of any and all cost, expenses, charges, claims, losses, liabilities and damages related to or based upon the presentation or production of the show or shows in which the BAND is to appear


Contact Details:

Sales and Marketing Director: for any questions related to the booking, contract and performance

Richard Peace, bookings@theu2tributeuk.com

Finance Director: for any queries related to payments or transfers of money

Simon Peace, simon@54racing.com 

Sound Director: for any queries related to technical show production

Matt Rogers, matt@epic-productions.com