WE PLAYED IN DUBLIN, THE HOME OF U2 FOR the u2 40th anniversary in 2016 and again for u2 joshua tree 30th anniversary in 2017

“I thought U2Baby were amazing. I think I prefer them to U2 - and it was much easier to get in!”
Guggi - renowned artist and Bono's best friend since the days of Cedarwood Road

"It was 40 years ago yesterday that I joined my first band, they've done ok over the years (although nothing to give 29 Fingers any cause for concern ha ha).  So off I went to Dublin to join in the #U240 celebrations and had to do a double take when I saw the U2 tribute band U2Baby rocking it up in a crowded, hot and sweaty Church Bar by the Liffey. With a few pints of Guinness blurring the edges (no pun intended) I was transported back to '78 and the Dandelion Market Saturday afternoon U2 gigs. If you like U2 go and see this band..."
Ivan McCormick - one of the original band members who turned up to Larry Mullen's parents kitchen before U2 became U2

"U2Baby performed two magnificent shows for us the weekend U2 played Croke. They are THE U2 tribute that we fly to Ireland for our major events due to their authenticity, professionalism and absolute attention to detail. The guys are easy to work with  and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for the closest tribute to the real thing you can get."
Darren Moore, General Manager, The Church Cafe Bar and Restaurant Dublin

"U2Baby played some spine-tingling U2 covers in the HP40 exhibition in the NPA, Temple Bar, Dublin this afternoon ahead of the U2 Croke Park gig tonight."
Hotpress - July 2017

"One of Europe's leading U2 tribute bands."
Hotpress - July 2017

We play in theatres...

"Chequer Mead prides itself on quality entertainment. When it comes to tribute bands we only book the best in the business. U2Baby fall into that category. With an uncanny portrayal of Bono, both vocally and visually, and backed by an incredible band, U2Baby are a must for any booker, promoter, or U2 fan."
Pete Jenkins, Centre Manager, Chequer Mead Theatre, East Grinstead

Video showing the reaction of typical theatre audience


"There are tribute bands that once you've seen them play you don't want to see another tribute to the original.  U2Baby are that kind of tribute. Their technical setup was a breeze, they handled their own monitoring and I mixed Front of House via feeds from their desk. We are looking forward to having U2Baby back at Fat Lil's very soon."
Zac Spink, Music Director, Fat Lil's Live Music and Comedy Venue, Witney

"What an amazing start to our monthly Tribute Nights. U2Baby rocked, the crowd loved the opportunity to listen to their favourite music all night. 80 tickets sold in advance with a further 70 on the night and they stayed . With two encores what more could a venue ask for, thank you!  U2Baby - definitely recommend this band great show xx"
Shootpool Music Venue Aylesbury

Video showing the reaction of typical music venue audience

We play festivals...

"U2Baby headlined Tribfest Bahrain 2018 and gave the 5000 strong festival crowd an amazing show that they absolutely loved.  The boys really rocked it and the crowd sang along to hit after hit. I've had superb feedback on their set from the attendees. We will 100% be having them back for this and other events in the future."
Owner and Promoter of Tribfest Bahrain

"Looking for a band to headline a festival is always going to be difficult especially when it is your first but from the very start U2Baby have been nothing less than a joy to work with.  I first contacted them in autumn 2015 with a view to having them headline my 80sFest in July 2016.  I had thought very hard about the headline act and wanted a band that had the visual and musical acuity to be able to carry a headline slot.  I first came across U2Baby when I was looking through vast quantities of U2 tribute bands on You Tube.  I was struck by not only how note perfect they were but also the moves and mannerisms were like the actual U2.  I showed their footage to a friend who is a very strong U2 fan and they replied with one word “yes”.  I then contacted the band to discuss terms and was struck immediately on how approachable and enthusiastic they were.  Their management team were most concerned that their fee should be within my budget and from then onwards began a collaboration period with the band on how to present them to their best and also how they could re-create a 1980s U2 gig.
I had an idea to have a finale singing Heroes by David Bowie honouring the number of 1980s musical icons we had lost in the preceding months and immediately they were on board with this plan and worked on their own arrangement of the song adding lyrics from both Steve Strange’s Visage and Purple Rain by Prince.  They also created promos for the event which they promoted heavily across social medial. Finally they also took it upon themselves to recreate the Live Aid moment of embracing a member of the audience.  It was this attention to detail that created such a buzz at the festival itself.  So many people came up to me after the gig to say how wonderful they were as a band and more than one said that they felt it was THE real U2 on stage due to the careful attention to detail. I cannot recommend this band highly enough.  They were professional from the outset, not one shred of diva-like behaviour, no demands made and above all polite, courteous and more than happy to meet members of the public; in fact they even chose themselves to mingle in the crowd during other sets, posing for photos and watching the other acts. I would have absolutely no hesitation in engaging them again, recommending them to others or travelling to their gigs in the future.  They are welcome back at 80sFest as guests at any time in the future."
Gillian Potter-Merrigan, Director, 80sFest 2016
(you can see the finale of 80sFest and the custom track created for the event on Youtube via this link https://youtu.be/NL7OLYJik8c)

""Bono should be worried, as the singer could easily take his job! Favourite memories of the night were New Year's Day and the fact they included two tracks from their first album Boy and explained how they started the band. "We'll shine like stars in the summer night, We'll shine like stars in the winter night, One heart, one hope" at the end of my favourite song 'With Or Without You' and finishing the U2 set with 'Bad'. I also liked the inclusion of snippets of songs like Ruby Tuesday - U2Baby have certainly done their homework. The best U2 tribute band I have seen."
Gill Watts, at Manchester's 80sFest 2016

"Went to an 80's tribute festival at Ashton-on-Mersey Rugby Club in Sale. U2Baby were fantastic.  They made my husband's night by playing his favourite song Bad. U2Baby are the best U2 tribute band we have seen. They all looked and sounded like the real band. Would definitely see them again."
Samantha Ince Visser, at Manchester's 80sFest 2016

"I booked U2Baby - a U2 tribute act - for a music & beer festival called Stonesfield Septembeerfest. In short they absolutely nailed it. The crowd loved them. If Bono and Edge had showed up I don't think it would have sounded any better. Brilliant performance guys. Together with Brendan McGreal awesome sound engineering it sounded fantastic out front."
Chris Bartle, Music Organiser, Stonesfield Septembeerfest

"the U2baby duo helped us out by standing in at last minute to headline Thrupp Live - they played a blinding one hour set of all the best known U2 songs and looked and sounded just like Bono and the Edge." 
Tom Clark . TAD Studios


"We had U2Baby perform a 45 minute set at our event in September at the Compleat Angler in Marlow in aid of the Longridge Activity Centre. The guys not only scarily looked the part but were pitch perfect and we were really pleased with the addition they made to the event. The guys were professional, capable and self sufficient. From an organisers point of view they were fantastic as we had already met at the venue a month before and knew where they were going to be set up, so they didn't need any hand-holding or guidance from us on the day, which made things so much easier. As a team we would definately recommend U2Baby for any event."
Simon Branney, Event Organiser

WE PLAY Pubs and clubs...

"U2Baby played The Tap on the Sunday night of May Day Bank Holiday weekend and went down a storm.  Very authentic sound which pulled in a great crowd who loved every second.  Can't wait to get them in again."
Matt Heritage, The Brewery Tap Abingdon Oxfordshire


"Loved your band and your technical knowledge and show rig made it a whole lot easier for my sound team.  Great working with a bunch of professional musicians who are also nice blokes to boot.  See you on the next one mate!"
Mike Fogg, Manchester PA Hire (www.manchesterpa.co.uk)

"It was a real pleasure to mix these guys. Using their stand alone system for in ear monitoring, they sent me 6 channels + drums to mix. With no monitoring send needed, FOH was a real pleasure to mix. The technology used by U2Baby made my job real simple. Their hard work and technical know how made for an easy and proficient mix! Well done guys!  It was a perfect formula - keep it up!!"
Brendan McGreal, CornishUnderGround


 Trish with Ric from U2Baby (perspective distorts his true height!)

Trish with Ric from U2Baby (perspective distorts his true height!)

"I watched, I listened, I shed a few happy tears, I sang along and danced. At times their performance was so powerful it was like watching the real deal all those years ago. Only two bands have ever caused me to feel such raw powerful emotion. One is U2 & the other is U2Baby. When a performance grabs you heart and soul and causes your emotions to leak uncontrollably from your eyes you know they're damned good!"
Lissy - Worcester

"Your band is f*&^*@g awesome." 
Trish Weedon (pictured right) - who has been on stage twice with U2 on the Innocence to Experience tour 2015

''I've heard of U2Baby long before I actually got to see them live. And I have to say, I was blown away! If you need a little U2 fix, during this withdrawal period, I highly suggest you go see this band. Besides (freakishly!) reminding of U2 in looks, they sound great, too! During the gigs at the Church Pub, they took us back to the Innocence+Experience tour instantly, by playing the well known setlist, as well as some major surprises. The audience responded so well- they seemed to have such easiness to them and they connected with fans immediately. I will definitely go see them the first chance I get!''
Amra (who Bono christend Miss Sarajevo) - who has been on stage multiple times with U2

"I am the most loyal and longest serving u2 fan ever. I've seen them over 65 times! I know every song, every lyric... I never ever thought you could get a tribute that sounds so much like Bono and the band.  Absolutely brilliant :)). Made my day."
Andrea G, Maidenhead, UK

"So glad we came, we had a brilliant night, my voice has gone this morning! You guys are so talented. Will definitely be seeing you perform again. My David said he felt like he'd just been to an intimate gig with U2 for fifteen quid."
Karen Chisman following Norden Farm Centre for the Arts

"Just watched U2Baby in Aylesbury. What a great set-list, even better than the real thing. Great crowd, great drink and great company. The band? Edge was on fire, and "Bono" was a little pocket dynamo, hit the high notes and did a really beautiful Every Breaking Wave. The drums were tight, the sound mixing was spot on and the whole band seemed to really have a great time. I've seen a few U2 tribute bands over the years and these guys were by far the best, by a long shot. If you get the chance, go see them, I'd go again."
Mark Leddie, posted on Facebook after Shootpool Aylesbury 2017

"Such energy and almost "even better than the real thing"
 Inger Jensen, Copenhagen

"Soaring vocals & quality musicianship combine for an impressive & enjoyable tribute indeed! Eagerly awaiting your US West Coast tour!"
Deborah Perpetua, Washington, USA

"It takes true devotion to sound like that!  You guys are incredible!  One of the best U2 cover bands I've heard!"
Gigi Gonzales, New York City, USA

"Man for a second I thought it was U2, the sound, the clothes and the attitude..."
Alf Dunstan Petersen, Norway

"Fantastic, what a sound!!!"

Manu, U2 Forum

"You guys kick ass big time. great tones, great playing and fantastic vocals. U look badass"
Joe Black, U2 Forum

"Really great Edge and Bono doubles."
Bonjek, U2 Forum

"Just watched your video - u guys look and sound great I'd pay to see u play !"
Jay Tomkins, U2 mega fan we met in the GA queue at ItoETour #London

...by non u2 fans!

"I've seen plenty of tribute bands and U2Baby are without doubt the best I've seen..."
Michelle, Aylesbury

"I was never sure about U2 but having seen U2Baby play the songs live I might have to check out more of the originals as well"
Chianne Sutcliffe, not really into U2 but might be now!


"This HAS to be the best U2 cover band in the world!"
Chyrisse Tabone
Editor - Rock at Night
Online Entertainment Magazine