There are plenty of great U2 tribute bands in the world…

… so why do people choose U2Baby for their events?  Here are the reasons we have been given by recent clients....

1. "totally authentic sound of U2"
2. "U2Baby look like U2; the mannerisms and attitude of the band"
3. "U2Baby recreate the feeling of a live U2 gig."
4. "Really nice guys to deal with; no diva like attitudes"

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U2Baby are the U2 tribute band from westside of London that The Church Cafe Bar and Restaurant fly IN to the northside of Dublin when U2 are playing. Such is their reputation for delivering a U2 show their clients include famous venues such as the Globe Cardiff, Sporting Club Monaco, Tribfest Bahrain, Mad Club Lausanne, the Half Moon Putney and the Cavern Club in Liverpool.  

For U2Baby the sound is important, the look is important, but ultimately they seek to recreate the feeling of a live U2 gig. The chills, the hairs standing up on the back of the neck. Everything that makes a U2 show so special. Hit after hit from the 80s to the present day from Boy to Songs of Experience, from A Sort of Homecoming to With or With Out You.


U2Baby exist to help people, some of whom may not be able to ever see the real U2, discover the power of U2’s music, live. U2Baby believe that the music of U2 is inspirational and can help contribute to a more positive world and as such want to play the music of U2, live, to as many people on the planet as they possibly can. U2Baby were honoured to be filmed at the Church Cafe Bar Dublin for the Dream Out Loud film which tells U2 fan stories from around the globe.  This film features U2, and over 200 fans telling their experiences and connection to the biggest band in the world.

So if you are looking to book a U2 Tribute band for your event by all means look further...  there are plenty of great U2 tribute bands out there in the world, some of whom are our closest friends. Then come back and watch our live promo video and consider us; we'd be honoured to play for you.