#U240 Dublin 2016


#U240 Dublin 2016

U2Baby are honoured to have been nominated in the 2018 National Tribute Music Awards

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There are plenty of U2 tribute bands in the world, so why should you book U2Baby as your U2 tribute band?
U2Baby exist to help people, some of whom may not be able to ever see the real U2, discover the power of U2’s music, live. U2Baby believe that the music of U2 is inspirational and can help contribute to a more positive world.  U2Baby want to play the music of U2, live, to as many people on the planet as we possibly can. 

U2Baby are the U2 tribute band from west London that The Church fly IN to Dublin when U2 are playing. Such is their reputation for delivering a U2 show their clients include famous venues such as the Globe Cardiff, Sporting Club Monaco, Tribfest Bahrain, Mad Club Lausanne, and the Cavern Club in Liverpool.  

For U2Baby the sound is important, the look is important, but ultimately they recreate the feeling of a live U2 gig. The chills, the hairs standing up on the back of the neck. Everything that makes a U2 show so special. Hit after hit from the 80s to the present day from Boy to Songs of Experience, from A Sort of Homecoming to With or With Out You.

They have been booked to play four gigs in Dublin in November when U2 are at the 3Arena and also at the famous Boyles of Slane.

These guys are the U2 fans tribute band of choice and the definitive tribute to the music of U2.

"U2Baby are THE U2 tribute that we fly to Ireland for our major events due to their authenticity, professionalism
and absolute attention to detail...we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking
for the closest tribute to the real thing you can get."
Darren Moore, General Manager, The Church Cafe Bar and Restaurant Dublin

U2Baby were honoured to be filmed at the Church Cafe Bar Dublin for the Dream Out Loud film which tells U2 fan stories from around the globe.  This film features U2, and over 200 fans telling their experiences and connection to the biggest band in the world.

Public Gig Dates and ticket links

2018 and 2019

our clients include...

Key clients include Sporting Club Monaco, MAD Club Lausanne Switzerland, Tribfest Bahrain, The Cavern Club Liverpool, The Church Dublin, Mr Kyps Poole, The Roadhouse Birmingham, Fat Lils Witney, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Chequer Mead Theatre East Grinstead.... and many, many more


APRIL 2018 - U2BABY headline tribfest bahrain


An 8000 mile round trip, a 45 minute set and a 5000 strong crowd on the most impressive of stages... that was Tribfest Bahrain.  U2Baby were the headline act and were honoured to play alongside incredible tributes to Coldplay, Bob Marley, Motown, the Jam, Britpop, Bryan Adams, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Ariane Grande, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Tina Turner... and more!  The audience were on incredible form from the outset, surviving the heat of the day to experience a lovely and relatively cool evening with amazing light show and atmosphere. Exceptional organisation, sound, lighting and staging all contributed to a very, very successful event indeed. The ownere of Tribfest Bahrain said, "U2Baby headlined Tribfest Bahrain 2018 and gave the 5000 strong festival crowd an amazing show that they absolutely loved.  The boys really rocked it and the crowd sang along to hit after hit. I've had superb feedback on their set from the attendees. We will 100% be having them back for this and other events in the future."

ABOVE: @BudgetBono at Tribfest Bahrain with the awesomely talented ColdPlayer
(https://www.facebook.com/TheColdplayerSolo/) and as Lady Gaga, Liss Jones

APRIL 2018 - U2baby play to a sell out crowd at the cavern club, liverpool

Following their first visit to the Cavern in October 2017, U2Baby were rebooked to play in early 2018. This show was a complete sell out with 98% of the tickets selling out days before the gig. Playing to a packed house of U2 fans the band played a set comprising songs from Boy to Songs of Experience. You can see a crowd video and sample the atmosphere above or at this link. https://youtu.be/v9Hxbu6lifs 

Following this performance U2Baby will play a couple of shows at the Cavern in 2019, dates to be released soon. Despite many requests to do another Cavern gig in 2018, with the real eXPERIENCE and iNNOCENCE tour nearly upon them that would prove difficult as much of November is take up with gigs at Slane (Boyles) and in Dublin (The Church).

JANUARY 2018 - U2baby selected for third year running for dublin u2 fan parties

U2Baby have been selected from the many, many fine U2 tribute bands worldwide to return to The Church in Dublin as part of the U2 Fan Parties which will take place as part of #WelcomeToTheNorthside in November 2018.  This is the third year running that the band have been selected due to their ability to replicate a U2 show not only in sound, but in look and attitude.  U2 are scheduled to play shows at the 3Arena in Dublin week commencing 5th November.  U2Baby will play four sessions pre- and post- the U2 shows on the 5th and 6th Nov.  In addition they will play a very special gig in Boyles of Slane on 4th November.  If there is interest a coach may be organised to take people from Dublin to Slane and back.  Later in the week our friends Zooropa will also be playing at the Church on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th . Zooropa are a Dublin based tribute to U2 with an awesome reputation so catch them if you are in town. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of the event and timings - fb.com/theu2tributeuk

OCTOBER 2017 - U2Baby blow the house down at the cavern club in liverpool

U2Baby were honoured to grace the Cavern Club Live Lounge stage on 18th October.  From the blistering opening "this is a song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles" Helter Skelter, to the rip roaring encores of Bad, Beautiful Day and the Little Things That Give You Away the awesome crowd sung from beginning to end. When a technical fault took out the lead mic, the crowd took over singing Where the Streets Have No Name at the tops of their voices.  It was a great night and will be repeated in April 2018.  More than one person exclaimed that the lead singer had "morphed into Bono" with new look glasses and black denim jacket bringing the bands look bang up to date.

Photos above courtesy of Lissywitch Photography


may 2017 - U2Baby play for Sporting Club Monaco, at the world famous Salles des Etoiles in Monte Carlo

U2Baby were recently engaged by Sporting Club Monaco to play at the world famous Salles des Etoiles (room of the stars) in Monte Carlo. The venue has been graced by stars such as Frank Sinatra, Joe Cocker, Witney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Shirley Bassey Tina Turner and Sir Elton John.  An amazing venue with windows that open out onto the bay and a roof which can be opened to literally reveal the stars. U2Baby were honoured to be selected for this prestigious gig and enjoyed an amazing response from the 700 strong crowd. The venue featured a moving stage upon which the band initially played in the centre of the room.  However the crowd response was so good that the venue decided to move U2Baby back on the moving stage as they played, and lower a dance floor into place. 

 U2Baby performing on stage at the world famous Salles des Etoiles (room of the stars) in Monte Carlo

U2Baby performing on stage at the world famous Salles des Etoiles (room of the stars) in Monte Carlo

JULY 2017 - U2Baby play for the church cafe bar dublin as part of the fan pre-and after show parties for the joshua tree 30th anniversary

U2Baby were recently engaged by the Church Cafe Bar and Restaurant to play two shows as part of the U2 fan parties the same weekend as U2 played at Croke Park. Darren Moore - General Manager of the Church said, "U2Baby performed two magnificent shows for us the weekend U2 played Croke. They are THE U2 tribute that we fly to Ireland for our major events due to their authenticity, professionalism and absolute attention to detail. The guys are easy to work with  and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for the closest tribute to the real thing you can get."  U2Baby were also selected to play at the Hot Press Covers exhibition to a small audience of U2 fans and guests.

 U2Baby performing on stage at the Church Cafe Bar and Restaurant, Dublin, Ireland - for U2's 40th Anniversary Fan Party #WelcomeToTheNorths

U2Baby performing on stage at the Church Cafe Bar and Restaurant, Dublin, Ireland - for U2's 40th Anniversary Fan Party #WelcomeToTheNorths


Why do people choose U2Baby for their events?  Here are the reasons we have been given by recent clients....

1. "totally authentic sound of U2"
2. "U2Baby look like U2; the mannerisms and attitude of the band"
3. "U2Baby recreate the feeling of a live U2 gig."
4. "Really nice guys to deal with; no diva like attitudes"

So if you are looking to book a U2 Tribute band for your event by all means look further...  there are plenty of great U2 tribute bands out there in the world, some of whom are our closest friends.

Then come back and watch our LIVE videos and consider us; we'd be honoured to play for you.

Even Guggi thought u2baby were "amazing".



The sound is important, the look is important but ultimately we want to create the feeling of U2; the hairs on the back of the neck, the chills, the raw emotion of a live u2 gig

"I watched, I listened, I shed a few happy tears, I sang along and danced. At times their performance was so powerful it was like watching the real deal all those years ago. Only two bands have ever caused me to feel such raw powerful emotion. One is U2 & the other is U2Baby. When a performance grabs you heart and soul and causes your emotions to leak uncontrollably from your eyes you know they're damned good!"
Lissy - Worcester