u2Baby - the u2 tribute for the netherlands

There are very few truly global bands with the longevity and volume of hits as the mighty U2. Since their rise in the early 80s they have consistently released hit after hit and are without doubt, one of the biggest stadium filling live acts around. The passion, talent and power of this band is legendary.

U2Baby capture the unique sound of U2 as well as the look, covering every detail down to the exact vintage mic stand Bono is never seen without. If you close your eyes they really are U2. Not that you'd want to miss the fact that these guys even look like U2 with accurate costumes and best of all, our Bono sings exactly like the real thing and puts on a great show with star swagger.


One look at the band's live video will show just how good and close to the real thing U2Baby are. The band's level of talent and commitment to being the best U2 tribute is quite literally awe inspiring, making them not only one of the best U2 tributes, but one of the finest most accurate tributes available anywhere! They have left no stone unturned and spent many £1000s in adding the highly technical aspects within sound and light in order to recreate U2's incredible live shows. 


This is a real labour of love for the guys who really love the band they tribute and have created something that even the most dedicated U2 fans have described as ‘breathtakingly real’.

A truly international band with theatre, festival and club gigs at home and abroad they recently blew the crowd away, performing at the incredible MAD club in Switzerland, one of Europe's top nightclubs. This show can cover any type of venue.

One of the best U2 tribute bands in the world

U2Baby started with two brothers and an absolute passion for the music of U2. U2 was, and is, the soundtrack to their lives literally spanning from "cradle to grave". Initially forming as a duo featuring just Bono and the Edge (act2baby) the brothers felt that backing tracks for drums and bass did not do the songs justice and so they began to look for musicians to create a full four piece band. The band renamed themselves as U2Baby (U2B) in 2014 in order to reflect the change from a duo, and to clearly identify themselves as a U2 Tribute Band.

U2Baby seek to accurately recreate the sounds, the sights and the energy that is U2.  They have invested a massive amount of time and money in recreating the feeling of a U2 show which they believe is of utmost importance. Building their own guitar FX and a show control rack, affectionately known as "U2D2", the band deliver a highly polished show with pride.

The Secret Sauce - U2D2 - our show control rack - 3 years of innovation

The Secret Sauce - U2D2 - our show control rack - 3 years of innovation

U2 Baby entertain audiences at pubs, clubs, parties and more commonly at large festivals and corporate events.  They are booked to play all over the UK and Europe.

U2Baby are a group of talented musicians in their own right. With each member having over 30 years experience playing in original, covers and function bands, U2Baby bring a professionalism that is built from a base of knowledge of what works. They know they are not actually U2 and they know that the client, and the audience, is of paramount importance.

As previously mentioned the whole U2Baby show is controlled from a rack known as "U2D2".  This is U2Baby's secret sauce and is a scaled down version of what U2 use to control the delivery of their shows.  Stand alone in-ear monitoring run by the band themselves ensures that everyone is co-ordinated with the lightshow and other FX. All of the FX processing has been done in advance so that integration with front of house systems is a breeze.  The in-house engineer simply gets fed individual channels and a quick mix delivers the U2 sound immediately. This delivers an extremely professional show, with a relatively small footprint (min. 5m wide by 3m deep for the full rig) and high impact.

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Bono - played by Richard Peace - Ric has been singing in bands for over 30 years playing originals and covers.  He has played with a number of professional function bands but now dedicates his time exclusively to U2Baby in order to live his dream of emulating the band that is the soundtrack to his life.

The Edge - played by Simon Peace - an award winning guitarist from the U2 guitar forums Simon has spent years perfecting the tones and effects that make the sound accurate to a U2 show.  This goes as far as building his own effects to emulate equipment that the Edge uses in shows to this day.  An authentic sound is what U2Baby strive for and Simon delivers not only the sound, but the feel of the Edge's guitar playing.

Larry Mullen Jr - played by Jon Couling - Jon, a seasoned drum professional, was spotted playing with a functions band by Ric and his dedication to discover the eclectic rhythms laid down by LM is exemplary.  

Adam Clayton - played by Ashley Barber - Ash has been playing bass since his teens. He studied at the London College of Music. Since then he has worked extensively as a bass player with original and cover bands. He has worked as a session musician and has performed on programs such as channel 4's TFI Friday. Ash has also performed in the pit and on stage in musicals.   He has also been in pantomime and toured with a theatre company as a principal player.  He also runs an In Ear monitoring business providing custom moulds, in ear monitors and related equipment. For details see http://www.loveyourears.net